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About Us

We joined this industry initially focused on just vape carts and vape products with our private label brand FourXX back in 2015. Our brand became highly successful on Amazon before a terms of service update later that year banning all vape sales on the Amazon seller platform. Nevertheless, our strides with FourXX led to various requests for custom branded vapes, custom vape packaging, exit bags, and much much more. The writing on the wall was clear and Custom 420 Supply was created to help cater to all types of custom packaging. Our combined backgrounds of digital marketing and sourcing all while being MMP patients and caregivers have helped us to understand the in's and outs of the market. We pride ourselves on working hands on with clients to find the proper packaging solution for their needs. There is no such thing as a "one fits all" solution when it comes to this industry. But whether you need turn key packaging solutions or a small run of labels, we have got you covered!