Please inquire for international shipping


What is the best way to ship my goods?

Determining the mode of transportation that best meets your business’s needs takes an in depth analysis of the current state of the supply chain. Regardless of which method is chosen, we will handle all of the ground work entailed with safely and securely landing your goods; including customs clearance and paying the imposed tariffs.

Do you ship Internationally?

We are able to ship internationally for an additional fee. Please inquire about international shipping. 

Who is Customs?

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is a Federal Agency and the official department that administers and collects the duties levied by a government on imported goods. Customs officers are located at all sea ports, airports and pre clearance frontiers worldwide where incoming goods are received or shipped. Their duty is also to prevent illegal trafficking of people, narcotics, contraband and patented or trademark infringements.

What are my options for shipping?

Air Freight-  Air freight is a fast and secure method of shipping goods across borders via cargo planes.  Along with fast shipping transit times, the customs clearance process is also accelerated. Although it can be costly, the benefits are accelerated transit times to land your goods and clear customs inspections. Lead times vary with the peak seasons, but on average fall within 7-10 days.

Sea Freight- Sea freight is the most cost-efficient method for shipping goods across borders. It is typically utilized when moving large quantities or large volumes of goods between borders. The price efficiency comes with the down side of long transit times and a more in-depth customs clearance protocol. Lead times vary with the peak seasons, but on average fall within 8-11 weeks.

Domestic Freight- Domestic freight is typically transported by truck throughout the United States. Although this method of shipping is significantly slower than typical UPS, or FedEx transit it is the most economical form of transportation within the United States.

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