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Custom Cannabis Packaging Design

Packaging and Label Design

When it comes to helping your products stand out and getting your brand recognized, design is one of the most important aspects. Plus, not only do you want the recognition, you want to build a repeat customer base and demand for your products. That is why we have a full team of experienced designers that understand the cannabis market. Although our design and print team have vast experience designing for other industries, they choose to work for Custom 420 because it is a line of work that they are passionate about. We understand that growers often have the needs for multiple strain labels and short print runs. That is why we have built our team to cater to the recreational and medical cannabis packaging industry specifically.

From Concept to Creation

We can help you take your ideas from concept to creation. Our in-house capabilities combined with our manufacturing facilities allow us to create a wide variety of custom cannabis packaging options.

Our design team has the ability to produce custom templates and renders to help our clients in the discovery and research/ development processes. Dialing in the right look can make all the difference!

So, whether you need a popular template customized or want to start with a packaging concept from scratch, we have got you covered.

Brand Discovery and Identity

Not sure where to start for your brand? Do you have multiple concepts but are not sure which is the right fit or best way to move forward? Do you have an established logo and identity but are wondering if its time to freshen up your look with a rebrand? When making branding decisions, it is important to make sure your graphics and messaging are hitting your target demographic(s).

While your products might ultimately be for all adults, it can be crucial to determine who your core customer base really is.

We can help you to test multiple iterations of logo and branding concepts. It can be helpful to get direct feedback from your team and customers. Test them out and see what resonates with clients and then move forward with a concise brand identity. While customers want your brand to always stay fresh, they also want to recognize your products and stick with a brand that they trust. It can be easy for your products to get lost or under-represented on the crowded cannabis dispensary shelves. Our team will help you to build a lasting identity that has the proper representation and meaning to you as an owner. It will help manifest an identity you will be proud to have and share with others.

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