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Custom Label Printing

At Custom 420 Supply, we pride ourselves on our custom designing and in house printing abilities. All of the equipment we own has been purchased specifically with the cannabis packaging market in mind. This allows us to offer a wide variety of label materials from hemp paper to foils and a variety of other sheen’s, finishes and substrates. Dialing in the right look is a crucial component of the marketing and sales puzzle for a successful cannabis brand. We can help you to test and find the right option to complete your desired brand identity. Our team is very hands on and always looking to take the next steps with new equipment and design concepts to help take your cannabis packaging to the next level!

Which Cannabis Label Material Is Right For My Brand?

When it comes to finding the right cannabis labels and printer, there can be a lot to think about. But look no further because we have all your cannabis label and print needs covered! As a one stop cannabis printing shop, we offer a variety of label and sticker options to help you find the right look for your brand, all while staying compliant! Specialty labels and printing can be a crucial component to separating yourself from the competition! Contact us to learn more about our print offerings!

Polyester, BOPP, and Vinyl Cannabis Labels

Polyester (PET) is not only a great way to help your product stand out, but also hold up against moisture and temperature conditions with its high durability. BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, which is really just a fancy name for plastic. Because this material is plastic based it is also quite durable and very comparable to Polyester (PET). Vinyl is yet a third option for a durable plastic-based material. Often used with large format printing, vinyl works great for stickers and signage and also can stand up to weathering. Our stock materials are of a very high quality for roll labels and we use a 6mil thick vinyl for all stickers.

BOPP, Polyester, Gloss, and Vinyl label stock – Great for stickers, products kept refrigerated and a durable standard label. Mid to high sheen.

Matte Laminated Cannabis Labels

Matte laminate typically helps to provide a softer finish that is less reflective than gloss. Matte laminate can potentially be the most durable option by having a semi frosted look it helps to hide any scratching or abrasions. By having less sheen it helps to mute brighter color and provide contrast. Matte has become a very popular companion to metallic foil. The toned-down sheen of the foil with Matte laminate applied helps to provide a prestigious and unique look your customers won’t soon forget.

Matte Laminated BOPP and Matte Laminated Foils. Great for a muted looked without interfering with imagery. Adds an extra layer to protect against abrasion. Low sheen.

Gloss Laminated Cannabis Labels

Gloss laminate helps to provide extra sheen and a protective finish to your labels. Some describe it as having a glass like finish with the shiny appearance. It will work very well to make imagery more vibrant and pop in the light. Popular on many high end and flashy products gloss laminate is and will always be a favorite amongst luxury brands. High gloss labels with high gloss laminate help provide the ultimate shine and a highly durable and scratch resistant finish to make your packaging stand out.

Gloss and gloss laminate. Extra shiny and sure to make your products pop. High to very high sheen.

Foil and Metallic Cannabis Labels

Foil material is great option to help your higher end products stand out from the crowd. Foil is a high-end customer favorite whether using gold or silver with color overlay or pulling back opacity to create foil colors. With the ability to print white behind color on or foils, we can create unique looks that contrast the foil sheen and the matte ink layers. Use colored foil in the portions you want and tone down the areas that need to be less visible. Use foil and laminate for the premium high end look your company deserves.

Foil and metallic label stock. Holographic, rainbow prism, gold Foil, paper foils and more. High sheen.

Specialty Paper Cannabis Labels

Specialty papers can help to maintain or create the perfect natural or holistic look and feel. Very effective in this industry paper offers a variety of different looks. Hemp paper provides an earthy look all while helping to stay sustainable with this eco-friendly material. Kraft paper helps hone in a apothecary look that is common with many brands in this space. Black paper allows for a one of kind look that you might typically see on a wine bottle or specialty food item. Paper labels have been around forever and will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Paper Label Stock. Kraft paper, black paper, hemp paper, textured papers and white ink printing. Flat with no sheen.

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