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Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Biodegradable Mylar Bags

Our biodegradable bags are made from oxo-biodegradable material, which is made by blending a pro-degradent additive during the extrusion process that will then break down (degrade) in outdoor aerobic conditions. In the proper environment they begin to degrade in 6 months and fully degrade within 2 years. This material has proven to maintain its FULL strength when exposed to thermal aging (heat and sunlight) in a standard non degradation environment. Therefore holds up with no problems until it is disposed of and meant to break down.

Biodegradable bags also contain additives and plant products that help them break down quickly and efficiently in the right exposure. CR exit bags and mylar bags are just beginning to be produced with biodegradable materials while still retaining full functionality and child resistance.


  • Child Resistant Certified Zipper
  • Smell Proof
  • Spot UV Effects
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes
  • Food Grade Safe
  • Water Resistant

Start reducing your brands carbon footprint! Get a free quote on custom biodegradable bags below! Or stock up on our blank biodegradable exit and 8th bags!

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Pop Tops

Compostable – Designed to break down in your home-compost pile; PHAs biodegrade naturally leaving behind no micro-plastic particulates or harmful chemicals. The process in which PHA breaks down is similar to cellulose or wood.  When kept in an environment with limited bacterial and fungi activity, the material will last for a long time.  If that material is discarded into the environment or compost bin, it will be consumed by microorganisms that feed off the material as a carbon food source. Compostable packaging

Biodegradable – These are products made using biodegradable plastics and plant-based polymers. Some of the raw materials used to make biodegradable joint tubes include starch, cellulose, polylactic acid (PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL), and polyhydroxy butyrate (PHB), to name a few. Moreover, our child resistant bioplastic joint tubes are made with bio blend resins and are some of the first sustainable products available to the cannabis industry!

We offer fully biodegradable and compostable pop top tubes. These are a low-cost item that are typically for one time usage. The abundant plastic waste throughout the world is a massive threat to our future existence. While bio plastics continue to improve many are a bit unsure of how they can start doing their part. These bioplastics are a tremendous start to reducing your companies carbon foot print. They can fully biodegrade in a compost pile and by doing your part to help the environment; you’ll also be putting a smile on most of your customer’s faces. If you are interested in biodegradable pop tops please contact us.


We offer hemp paper labels that are comprised of hemp paper blended with a recycled paper mulch. This provides the unique and holistic hemp paper look but also use recycled materials and can biodegrade far quicker than standard BOPP or Polyester materials. We also offer a variety of other environmentally conscious paper options from kraft paper, black paper, or white paper material in multiple finishes and sheens. Reach out to learn more about our eco-friendly custom cannabis labels.

Paper/Cardboard Boxes

Paper boxes can be one of the best options when it comes to environmentally friendly or recyclable cannabis packaging. Not only can they be reused or recycled but the options are almost endless. We have ASTM certified child safety technology that can be applied to a variety of box styles. This will allow you to stay compliant all while staying environmentally conscious. Our Child Resistant boxes and range of custom cannabis boxes have been a hit, and we are constantly launching new styles and experimenting with new templates. So if you never thought about how durable and reliable cardboard can be, its time to start re-thinking! Reach out to learn more about eco-friendly and hemp paper custom cannabis boxes.

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