Custom Mylar Bags – Direct Printed Mylar vs Labeled Mylar Bags

We get asked a lot of questions about Custom Mylar Bags and the process of producing them. There tends to be quite a bit of confusion on direct printed mylar bags vs blank mylar bags that have been labeled with a sticker. While those in the know might see stark contrasts, some still wonder why to use one vs the other. Many often do not even realize a labeled bag is just a bag with a sticker. But as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder or weedholder in this situation haha.

Why would someone ever use custom label mylar bags over direct printed custom mylar bags?

There are a few reasons. One is if they are constantly changing strains or operate as a middle man sourcing from multiple outlets. This type of customer might have the need for branded packaging but need a wide mix of strains or selections. This is where having all of the options directly printed can become expensive. When one has a large mix of strains or products and wants them all to look unique, strain label bags are the ticket. But at the end of the day the quality of the packaging is noticeably different from the direct printed bags.

When it comes to custom mylar bags its hard to not love direct print. The various options from Spot UV, Foil stamping, windows, child resistant zippers, we could keep going. They are an easy and affordable way to package a lot of product cost effectively while maintaining a professional look. Here at Custom 420 we have ASTM certified child resistant bags which are required in all legal states. We encourage our customers to move forward sustainably and compliantly as the laws continue to constantly change.

Whichever type of bag you need we have got you covered! Drop us a line on our custom bags page to learn more!