Fail to Prepare? Prepare to Fail!

You would be surprised how more often than not, some of the best producers in this industry fall short on branding. Sure there are the top brands that are recognizable and the fanboys will be all over. But how about when you get something really really good but are not able to determine the producer? You would go back again and again to purchase this product… but just one problem? Who the hell made it??

The time and effort that it takes to produce a great product no doubt a full time job on its own and immensely painstaking without a large workforce. So oftentimes all that effort falls short if you cannot establish a powerful brand to solidify your place in the market and show why your product is different from others doing the exact same. This is where the word of mouth “It’s better” will only get you so far as 2020 nears. Customers now want to know the story behind your product, and the nuances of the production and ingredients that got it on the shelf in the first place. If you are one of those folks that can relate to this then you have come to the right place!

A key to being a successful entrepreneur is recognizing your strengths but also recognizing where you need help. As much as everyone of us wishes we could master every aspect of this industry, lets just be honest because that is not the reality. Bottom line is focus on what you are good at and be the best at it. Then use those in your circle or connections you have established help maintain the other areas. For those who are not good at the branding side, the best advice we can give to you is to PREPARE! You have no idea someone has called with tons of product ready to go, but in need of thousands of containers and labels or want you to print a design for them they drew with crayon.

Take a step back and think what are my production numbers going to be? What are the highlights of this product and what makes it different? Can people easily find me again to purchase if they like my products? and most importantly: if it does well am I prepared to package more in a timely fashion? Moral of the story… don’t wait to the last minute to choose your branding and packaging. Helping to determine these things ahead of time will make your road to success way less rocky!