Custom Ceramic Cell Vape Carts

Customize your vape cart tips or glass with color and branding!

Stuck on black, white, or clear tip CCELL vape carts? Still buying into the hype of the CCELL brand? Boy have they done an amazing job with branding and confused a wide array of growers and consumers alike. But when you go shopping for tissues do you ONLY buy the Kleenex brand? Chances are there is surely a comparable tissue with similar quality but cheaper because it’s not based on being a brand name. And you are well aware that brand names spend so much money on advertising and marketing that of course they are more expensive. Now you’re thinking a tissue is far different than a vape cart. You are correct on that notion and there is a lot more that can go wrong with the carts then the tissue. However, you did quickly realize how strong a brand Kleenex is and you might have been referring to tissues as Kleenex until this…

But enough on the tissue brands… we are here to talk CCELL vaporizer carts. As I sit here, I try to pinpoint how many people we had met over the years who say “It has to be the CCELL brand!” When we ask why, many scramble for an answer. “They are the best! They are the only ones that work.” etc. etc. etc.  I say “try our ceramic cell carts, they are the same quality and have the same defect rate but are less costly because they are – UNBRANDED”… Then I get “Well we have tried knock-offs and they leaked.” Was it from a reputable company? The answer is most times no. So in a nutshell you tried to go from top of the line to a shot in the dark and decided the two did not compare. This is not an apples to apples test. You would be amazed by how many people we have moved away from said name brand. We will put our cartridges to the test time after time. They have kept customers happy with great performance and without burning a hole in their pocket to carry another brands name. We have been doing years and years of R&D testing all sorts of different cartridges and styles. If you were familiar with our FourXX brand you will know we have been in the cart game for awhile!

Is it possible to have a bad experience with non-branded carts? It sure is. But not ours! Again back to the tissues analogy, it is easy to create something that looks the same as the top brand. However, I am here to agree with you that there are lots of non-brand name carts that are absolute junk. But does that mean they all are? NO. It is very easy to create the same look while using cheaper metals, internal components, and glass. Surely, most knock off carts will not pass heavy metals and there will be a huge difference from the name brands. However, that does not mean there aren’t manufacturers capable of making high quality and safe cartridges. Our manufacturer was part of the original CCELL and after a variety of changes branched out. Same quality, same concept, same look, but NO PAYING FOR A NAME BRAND. Don’t believe me? We have sold lots and lots of ceramic cell cartridges that pass all testing for the legal market. Maybe even brands you know! Crazy concept, non CCELL how could it be?!?!

Why am I so adamant about this you might be asking?

Because uninformed people have helped to affirm this mistaken impression. They tell other producers and caregivers false info because they think they know best. But have they even done R&D or just reaffirming something they heard? One area I will agree with is that there is more risk involved with moving to an unbranded cart IF you are unfamiliar with the supplier. We are happy to provide samples, test orders, you name it, to help put people’s minds at ease. Time and time again, customers say “so glad we listened to you guys, they work just as well, saved us money and now fit our brand better. They have been a big hit!”

We started this business back in 2015 after a very successful run selling our own brand of vaporizer batteries and unbranded cartridges. This was before CCELL had hit the market and the only option in the USA was O.Pen vape and plastic wick carts. We saw the opportunity and lack of options and jumped into the market. After lots of success on Amazon with our FourXX Brand vape supplies, we got lots of requests for custom branding. With our combined print, branding, and growing backgrounds, the writing was on the wall! Here we are today and I stand by what I say! I will send you samples to test and you can try to prove us wrong! Stop believing everything you hear. Some people like to talk just to talk. They are the ones telling you this stuff, or they have a vested interest in said brand… Do your own research and due diligence. We are here to help!

Lastly ask yourself this?

“Why would you want to carry someone else’s brand as you try to build your own?”