The Custom Cannabis Packaging Blog

Welcome to the Custom 420 Supply custom cannabis packaging blog! We have set out to help change the stigma when it comes to this amazing crop and how it gets packaged! No longer are the days of using zip lock bags still acceptable. If you want your brand to stand out from the rest it takes more than growing or producing the best products. Now people want to see how it looks on a retail shelf or behind a glass case.

When it comes to custom cannabis packaging it can be overwhelming to determine where to start and what the right fit for your brand may be. However, that is why we started this business and this blog. We wanted to offer help to those just getting started, to those fine tuning a coordinating line for an established brand. Navigating your way through this world can be confusing and costly and we are here to help! We pride ourselves on customer service and building long term partnerships for years to come. Our main goal is to help you Brand Your Grow and Grow Your Brand!

In this blog you can look to find tips and tricks, easy workarounds, the latest packaging trends, compliance updates, child resistant packaging info, what to use for which product types, application, printing, graphic design, production, and a whole lot more! We set out to keep all of our brand imagining down to earth and realistic. Helping our clients understand the process and allowing them to be hands on, helps to bring visions to life. We have seen many of the suits at various trade shows offering cosmetic and food packaging as “cannabis packaging.” Sure packaging can be repurposed but don’t be fooled by said “Cannabis packaging specialists” that have not smoke a joint since the 70’s and are out of tune with your customer base.

Stay tuned for informative and fun videos, articles, demos, and much more from a team that truly lives on both sides of the industry. Also all videos will be certified 100% ego free! Sure we see organic and natural products all over… but ego free? That can be hard to come by these days in the cannabis industry. So hopefully we can help you find the success without rubbing it other faces. But if that is how you get down, ultimately you can still steal ideas from our blog and rub them in peoples faces! (But not recommended by us!)