Are Custom Mylar Bags Good To Use For My Cannabis Products?

When it comes to custom cannabis packaging it can be overwhelming to determine the right option for your brand. While the look is important and might take precedence for some people, performance is ultimately what matters most. If your products start to deteriorate before the customer buys or finishes them, your reputation is sure to suffer. For this reason, we will take a deeper look at custom mylar bags.

Custom mylar bags are good for storage for several reasons:

    Moisture barrier: Mylar bags have a high moisture barrier, meaning that they are resistant to the passage of moisture. This helps to keep food items and other contents stored in Mylar bags dry and free from mold, mildew, and other types of moisture damage.

    Oxygen barrier: Mylar bags have an excellent oxygen barrier, meaning that they are effective at preventing the passage of oxygen. This helps to prevent oxidation of stored items, which can lead to spoilage, off-flavors, and reduced nutritional value.

    Light barrier: Mylar bags are also effective at blocking out light, which can cause food items to degrade and lose their nutritional value over time. By keeping stored items away from light, Mylar bags help to preserve their quality and flavor.

    Puncture resistance: Mylar bags are made from a durable polyester film that is resistant to punctures and tears. This helps to protect stored items from physical damage and contamination.

    Long-term storage: Because of their excellent moisture, oxygen, and light barriers, Mylar bags are ideal for long-term storage of food items and other contents. They can help to preserve the quality and flavor of stored items for months or even years, making them a great option for emergency preparedness or for storing bulk food purchases.

Worried about your products being crushed in transportation? We also offer insert trays which are affordable and effective in preventing crushing.

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